Healing Habitats: Holistic Feng Shui

Inviting someone into your home to assist you with life goals and issues can be vulnerable and emotional! As a Certified Holistic Feng Shui Consultant, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and Provisional Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (PSEP), I offer an emotionally sensitive, attuned, and non-judgemental approach to your home, belongings, and any emotional and mental health issues that are present or arise. I honor your needs, feelings, and boundaries, as well as trusting your wisdom about what works for you and what does not. Feng Shui works best when we are in harmony with your intuition, so we will work together to discover your inner knowing.

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"I came away with a great deal of specific, tailored information and suggestions. I feel like I have a clear direction and the tools I need to meet my personal objectives..I really enjoyed Bonnie's down-to-earth style. Her supportive, practical suggestions inspired me...she did a wonderful job of balancing guidance with collaboration."- Greta R.

What Clients Are Saying!

"I felt safe and in good hands with someone who knew what this all meant. I felt like we were discovering things together which made me feel safe." -Molly M.

"Bonnie's focus is not on "decorating," but on the energetic impact of all the choices I had made. The map she used gave me a sense of where I could implement better boundaries and invite more energy into different parts of my life... A week and a half later I've completely changed how Im using several rooms and I feel uplifted and excited about what feels like a brand new home." -Lee. S.

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