Addressing ADHD, Relationships, & Illness (Through Your Habitat)

Addressing ADHD

If you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, your brain works in a non-neurotypical way, which makes you great at certain things (like being creative, thinking outside the box, hyperfocus, abundant energy, & spontaneity), and not so good at remembering where you put your keys, washing your dishes, or keeping your house organized.

With decluttering, efficiency based organization, and Holistic Feng Shui, we can help your space be easy to use, so it requires as little of your precious executive function as possible. This way you can use your concentration and effort for work or other priorities.

Addressing Relationships

Whether you want to call in a new romantic relationship, want to support an existing one that has conflict or communication issues, or you want more community and supportive people in your life, Holistic Feng Shui can help!

By addressing the flow of chi in your space and noticing where there might be sha chi (cutting chi) we can work to reduce conflict. The position and structure of the bed and layout of the bedroom can influence relationships you want to call in or currently have. We can re-vision your bedroom to support love! There are many adjustments from Holistic Feng Shui to activate better communication and helpful people and community come into your life. Let's get new energy flowing in supportive and powerful ways!

In Holistic Feng Shui, different areas of the Bagua Map in your home correspond to different body systems and organs. We can support health issues associated with sections of your home, as well as overall by assessing what your body is needing. Is something overactive, as with high blood pressure? Or underactive, as with low blood pressure, iron deficiency, or lack of energy? We can offer adjustments that address the particular energy your body is needing to heal.

Addressing Illness