Declutter: Space to Dream

white and yellow plastic bottle on brown wooden shelf
white and yellow plastic bottle on brown wooden shelf
clear glass jars on white shelf
clear glass jars on white shelf

If facing the decluttering process overwhelms you, or you have trouble starting or finishing it, then having in-home or virtual support may be right for you!

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clear glass flower vase near rolled grey mat

Clutter in your home can stagnate your energy and anchor it to the past or future in ways that hold you back from feeling free, and allowing in new energies, and inviting in positive change. As tidying expert Marie Kondo says: whatever you let go of

"will come back to you as the thing that will be of most use to who you are now, the thing that will bring you the most happiness....whatever you let go will come back in exactly the same amount,"

(from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, p.192-193).

Sometimes we hold onto objects due to fears of not being prepared for the future or of losing connection to the past. We can explore where a fear stems from and look at ways to ground into security, to feel abundance and trust, and to connect to memories in a way that uplifts and makes room for the future.

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  • We will assess what areas of your home or office need de-cluttering and make an action plan for how to start and approximately how long it will take.

  • Either with my assistance virtually or with me coming in person to your home or office, you will sort through possessions and chose what to Keep, Donate, Recycle, or Trash.

  • If you have challenges with mobility or physical labor for any reason, I am happy for you to point and direct me to sort through your things. I will act as your hands and legs, and you can let me know what to keep, donate, recycle etc.

  • I recommend and coach an intuitive style of decluttering, within a structure that we will create that fits you best.

  • To decide what to keep or let go of, I take inspiration from Marie Kondo's KonMari™ method of finding what "sparks joy" and what does not. In addition, we assess what you find useful and meaningful, and what you do not.

  • You determine what you keep and let go of. I will never pressure you, and will simply offer perspectives and options.

  • We will see what method(s) work for you including:

    -Gathering all like objects together and sorting through them category by category

    -Going room by room, shelf by shelf, or area by area.

    -We will assess whether you want to sort into general categories first, and leave the minutiae of sorting within those categories for later, or if you want to sort the minutiae as you go.

    Decluttering is an empowering process, as you honor your "yes's" and "no's" (strengthening your boundaries), increase self-trust and confidence, and create space for new energy to flow into your life!

  • I recommend gathering boxes you may have lying around, big and small, and we can transform the small ones into drawer organizers, and the big ones can hold your donations.

  • For a $40/car trip fee, I will take your items that are fit for donation and donate them for you

  • For computer/electronics/light bulb/batteries recycling, I will do this for you for $50/load

  • For hazardous waste and paint removal, I will direct you to the Portland Hazardous Waste Facility: 6161 NW 61st Ave. in Portland

  • For old clothes and cloth not fit for donation etc., I will direct you to my Green Decluttering resource list to dispose of yourself (scroll down for list)

How it Works

purple flowers in clear glass vase on white wooden table
purple flowers in clear glass vase on white wooden table

What I Bring:

  • Label maker, labels, tape

  • garbage bags, sorting boxes and bags

  • basic office supplies for organization and tools for hanging pictures and assembling items

  • Some small bins and drawer organizers that you can purchase for a small fee.

What I Do Not Offer:

  • House cleaning services

  • Sorting/clearing/organizing your belongings without your involvement

  • Containers, boxes, storage bins (we can discuss your needs and I can recommend items to you to purchase)

  • Large Furniture or Trash Disposal services (apart from taking donations to be delivered for $40/car trip, & $50/car trip for electronics)

Hourly Rate $100

(3 hour in home minimum)

3 hour session: $285 ($15 discount)

5 hour session: $475 ($25 discount)


15 Hour package: $1425 ($75 discount) (with 3 or 5 hour session options)

30 Hour package: $2900 ($100 discount)

(with 3 or 5 hour session options)

Donation Drop Off: $40/car trip

Computer/Electronics/Light Bulbs/Batteries Recycle: $50/car trip


Hourly Rate $90

1 hour session: $90

2 hour session: $180


6 hour package: $515 ($25 discount)

(with 1 or 2 hour session options)

In Home


Green Decluttering: Where to Recycle

Check out the below resources that help you find where to recycle specific items and/or take take many different to recycle:

Go to Earth911 for tips on where and how to recycle a range of materials and objects

Specific Items:

Plastic Film, Bubble Wrap, Corks (in the Portland, OR area)

New Seasons Markets (list of accepted items)


Try taking them to an emergency vet clinic (many accept donations) Dove Lewis

Batteries and Light Bulbs

Batteries Plus CDs, DVDS, Tapes, Cell Phones, IT Equipment


Ink & Toner Cartridges

Office Depot: Bring your empty cartridges to the cash register. Any brand, from any store. We'll take it!

Electronics, Computers, Cords, Appliances & Fitness Equipment

Best Buy

Free Geek

KB Recycling Clackamas: 9602 SE Clackamas Rd., Clackamas, OR 97015503‑659‑7004

Universal Recycling Technologies

Paint Recycling & Propane Cylinders (Camp Stove Containers):

Hazardous Waste Facility (search for your city's facility address): 6161 NW 61st Ave. in Portland : Recycle up to 35 gallons of paint for free

Clothes, Cloth, Bras, Underwear, & Shoes That Are too Worn for Donation

For Days: You can buy a Take Back Bag from For Days, and they’ll recycle your old clothes for you. They’ll also give you a credit to use on a future purchase from their website, equal to the amount you spend on the bag.

ReTold: Collect all the textiles in your home - that's right, we take pretty much everything. Then order your bag or sign up for a Subscription.

H & M: 1. Bring any unwanted clothes or textiles, by any brand and in any condition, to one of our stores. 2. Hand in your bag of old clothes at the register and receive a thank-you coupon to use toward your next purchase. Easy!

Madewell: We'll send you a Clean Out Kit or just a shipping label, and you'll send in your preloved clothes. If we're just talkin' jeans, drop them off in-store.

Knickey: Don’t throw away your old underwear, bras, and socks … send them into Knickey instead. They’ll turn them into new materials like insulation and carpet padding.

Blue Jeans Go Green: Drop off your old jeans at a Levi’s, Ariat, Industry Standard, or InJeanius … or mail them in for free!

Nike. : They accept any brand of athletic sneakers (but not sandals, boots, etc.).

The North Face, Clothes the Loop: You can drop off clothing and footwear from any brand in any condition at The North Face, and they’ll recycle it through their partnership with Soles4Souls. They’ll even give you a $10 credit toward your next $100 purchase.

Soles4Souls: They’ll even give you a $10 credit toward your next $100 purchase.

Terracycle: Most of the fabrics that make up our clothing can be turned into something new. Purchase a box from Terracycle, fill it with clothing and fabric, send it back, and they’ll repurpose it for you.

The Bra Recyclers: You can probably guess what the Bra Recyclers do. Fill out their form, and they’ll send you a non-postage paid mailing label to send in your used bras.

GotSneakers: A free recycling program, GotSneakers pays you to recycle old sneakers. You can even partner with them to host a sneaker drive in your community. []

green leafed plant in can hanging on wall
green leafed plant in can hanging on wall