Feng Shui for Self-Esteem, Career, & Wealth

Addressing Self-Esteem

Your environment can support you to feel your power, your worth, and to believe in yourself. We will address the areas in your home (see the Bagua Map) dedicated to Knowledge & Spirituality, which can encompass self-knowledge, as well as the Fame area (how you are seen in the world), and make adjustments that invest in you and reflect your good qualities so you can activate your self confidence each time you are in those spaces. Very soon, you will feel a difference!

Addressing Career

If there is clutter, low light, or chi is cutting too fast through your Career area, you may be feeling stuck or uninspired. If your desk or workspace is not positioned well, it may be hard to feel focused or confident. We can address these areas as and more to give you a new perspective, invite in fresh vital energy, and get things moving in your career or life path towards your highest good!

orange and yellow fire illustration
orange and yellow fire illustration

If there are things in your space that are stuck, broken, or leaking, or your Wealth area has trash, cat doors, or other drains in it, you may find your abundance diminishing. Through feng shui adjustments and balancing the Chinese 5 elements in your space, we can address these issues to get wealth and prosperity flowing into your life!

Addressing Wealth