Holistic Feng Shui

Holistic Feng Shui is about coming into harmonious balance with your environment so that your emotional and physical needs are supported, and vital energy or "chi" can flow in a natural and unobstructed way. We discover this balance by looking at your own needs, preferences, what inspires and nourishes you, and what does not.

We pair your unique and personal wisdom with balancing other aspects such as:

  • Chinese Medicine 5 elements (Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood, & Water)

  • Balance of yin (encompassing the energies of the moon, darkness, passivity, and the earth) and yang (encompassing the energies of light, activity, and the heavens)

  • Color, symbolism, and the flow of chi in your spaces

You will be amazed at how making feng shui adjustments brings very real change to your life!

"Feng Shui" is translated as "wind" and "water," which refer to opposite substances that make up all life. All life (the earth and everything on it) is considered to be enlivened with vital energy called "chi."

black and white panda illustration
black and white panda illustration

Feng Shui Lineage

There are several schools of Feng Shui, and it has been around for thousands of years. Feng Shui originated in China (though many cultures have their own arts of holistic harmonious design), and some of its foundations were thought to be based on people's experience of what worked well for survival and health (folk knowledge). For example, having a village near a flowing water source, and placing it in front of a mountain to shelter it from the wind, helped people to thrive.

I am Certified in Holistic Feng Shui by my teacher, Laura Benko, who trained in the Black Hat Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui school (BTB) founded by His Holiness Professor Lin Yun. This school works with mapping the home into 9 sections that represent the areas of life and their interrelated natures, which are derived from the I Ching (ancient Chinese philosophy). Each section is called a gua and together it is called the Bagua (ba meaning eight, referring to the sections that circle the center). This school draws together Buddhist, Daoist, and Chinese philosophy, folk wisdom, and modern psychology and design principles.

We will apply the Feng Shui Bagua Map to your space to explore the areas of your life as they relate to your home (Career, Travel & Helpful People, Children & Creativity & Completion, Relationships, Health, Fame, Knowledge & Spirituality, Family & New Beginnings, & Wealth).

The Bagua Map

Consciousness, Intention, & Form

"The Black Sect is a synthesis of Shamanic and wisdom teachings. It recognizes that there is no separation between consciousness, intention and form, that all form is an expression of intention, and that there is a constant cybernetic and emergent communication between them. Creation arises out of consciousness, the artist, the intender. Qi, the vital force, is both the medium and the message. Black Sect Feng Shui is the science/art of the constant, mutual, interactive communication and conditioning between the Qi of place or environment and the chi of individuals."

silhouette of left arm and leaf during golden hour
silhouette of left arm and leaf during golden hour