Holistic Feng Shui Consultation: Finding Your Flow

A Holistic Feng Shui Home Consultation will...

  • Apply the Feng Shui Bagua Map to your space to explore the areas of your life as they relate to your home (Career, Travel & Helpful People, Children & Creativity & Completion, Relationships, Health, Fame, Knowledge & Spirituality, Family & New Beginnings, & Wealth)

  • Assess the flow of chi through your space and address blockages and find ways to enhance the flow to uplift and revitalize

  • Assess the balance of the 5 elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood) in your space and offer a mindful balance to support your unique needs

  • Assess the symbolism throughout your space and offer shifts to support your unique needs

  • Assess the relationship of yin and yang elements and offer a mindful balance or mix to support your unique needs

You will be left with a plethora of tailored Holistic Feng Shui adjustments that you can make to your space that will create immediate change in how the space feels and supports you.

living room with brown wooden table and chairs
living room with brown wooden table and chairs

about coming into harmonious balance with your environment so that your emotional and physical needs are supported, and vital energy or "chi" can flow in a natural and unobstructed way.

We discover this balance by pairing your unique and personal wisdom (needs, preferences, what nourishes you and what does not) with assessing aspects such as:

  • the traditional Chinese Medicine 5 elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood, & Water)

  • the balance of yin (encompassing the energies of the moon, darkness, passivity, and the earth) and yang (encompassing the energies of light, activity, and the heavens)

  • color and symbolism in your spaces

  • the flow of chi through your space

    "Feng Shui" is translated from Chinese as "wind" & water," which refer to the substances that make up all life.

This service is available for any space, including homes and offices.

Holistic Feng Shui is...

When chi moves in new ways and the energy of a space is rebalanced or enhanced, new possibilities in your life and your perspective begin to emerge:
  • Clarity arrives

  • Energy becomes unstuck

  • New opportunities, abundance, support, and vitality flow into your life

  • Change and growth can more readily occur

  • Mood, health, and relationships improve

Making feng shui adjustments is a powerful action that manifests your intentions in a tangible way and puts that energy clearly out into the world and into your life.

You may be surprised at how impactful making a few adjustments to your space can be to your life!

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Services are not available at the current time (Summer 2023). Check back here to see when they open up again.

coffee table with basket beside sofa
coffee table with basket beside sofa

What to Expect in a Holistic Feng Shui Consultation


-We will discuss whether 2 hours or more is necessary (depending on the size of your home/space).

-You will email me a hand drawn floor plan of your home/space or workspace (see instructions below).

-You will email or text me photos of your home/office spaces

-You will email me your responses to a short questionnaire sharing which aspects of your life you would like to support/change, and find growth or enhancement in. You can be as detailed or general as you like.

-I will prepare your consultation by laying the Bagua Map on the floorplan of your house [each floor gets its own Bagua Mapping], and by creating in-depth recommendations based on your floorplan and your goals. My research and preparation for each project is extensive, and for this I charge a non-refundable deposit of $150, to be applied to your in-home 2 hour consultation fee.


  • When I arrive (or virtually), we will sit and talk for about 10 minutes about Holistic Feng Shui, your needs and desires, and my initial assessment of your floorplan.

  • We will clarify your intentions by visualizing how you want to feel and what you want to manifest in your space.

  • We will then walk through the space together and I will ask you questions about your space as it pertains to your goals/issues, and offer recommendations, discussing as we go what you feel would work best for you. (For virtual consultations, I will share my screen and we will walk through your floor plan together and I will share recommendations, and then you can walk me virtually through your space so I can see it in 3-D).

  • We will then sit down together for 10-20 minutes to summarize recommendations, answer any questions, and set intentions for your space.

  • We will end by doing a cleansing of your space by walking through it and using your choice of sage, sweetgrass, palo santo, incense, or bells to clear the old energy to make room for the new. (If we are meeting virtually, I will let you know how to do this for yourself or we can do it together with my company virtually).

    (I am happy to wear a mask will be if you would like that for COVID safety. It is up to you whether you wear a mask or not)

brown tobacco
brown tobacco

Hand Drawn Floor Plan Instructions

  • Draw by hand a floor plan of your house/space. It's important that you draw it by hand as the Holistic Feng Shui intuitive process is already beginning, as you relate to your space in this way.

  • Create one complete drawing on one page for each floor (see examples) with all the rooms on that floor included on one page, and a separate page/drawing for each floor.

  • Please do a page for your basement and a separate page for your attic as well if they are on separate floors

  • You do not have to do an exact rendering or measure the square footage or dimensions. Try to be accurate, but it's more important that you draw the way the house/space looks and feels to you.

  • Indicate furniture, such as beds, desks, sofas, armchairs, side tables, pianos, TVs, sinks, toilets, bathtub/shower, stove, fridge etc.

  • Indicate the main structural entrance to the home/space and also which one you typically use to enter. Indicate the entrance to each floor as well.

  • Indicate closets, stairs, fireplaces, along with doors and windows.

  • Label each room and who sleeps and works where.

  • Include around the house/space any patios, porches, detached garages, & outdoor furniture

Floor Plan Examples

(You do not need to include exact measurements, square footage, or dimensions in your drawing)


In Home 2 hour Feng Shui Consultation: $400

[Hourly Rate* $200 (2 hour in home minimum) ]

(This fee includes extensive research & preparation for your consultation)

(If you have a smaller office or home space and you want an in-person consultation, contact me to see if an hour appointment may be possible for $200 or 90 minutes for $300)

Follow Up Visit: $200/60 minutes: Let's see how the changes you've implemented after our initial consultation feel, and address any additional changes or tweaks that could help!

Mileage Fee:

$0.60/mile round trip outside of 15 miles from Portland, OR 97202

Hourly Rate* $175

(Full size homes will typically take around 90 minutes)

(This fee includes extensive research & preparation for your consultation)

90 Minutes: $260

QUICK FENG SHUI: $150 : (you provide me with your floorplan, I place the Bagua Map on your plan and send that to you with several immediate adjustments you can make to manifest change)

Follow Up Visit: $175/60 minutes ($15 Discount): Let's see how the changes you've implemented after our initial consultation feel, and address any additional changes or tweaks that could help!

*Holistic Feng Shui Consultation Non-Refundable Deposit:

A $150 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking a Holistic Feng Shui Consultation to cover the extensive preparation/planning work. This deposit will be used towards the 2 hour in home session or the 1 hour virtual session fee, and will be kept in the event of any cancellations (even if they are outside of 48 hours, though you will be welcome to reschedule, and use the deposit towards the new session).

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