Home & Virtual Visits

Most services are available for either in home or virtual options.
  • In Home visits are available within 1 hour's drive of the Portland Metro area.

  • There will be a roundtrip travel fee of $0.60 cents/mile added above 15 miles away from Sellwood neighborhood in Portland OR, zip code 97202

  • For COVID safety, I will wear a mask while in your home. It is optional whether you chose to wear one.


Virtual services will be offered in shorter time spans than in person, as it can be fatiguing to be on screen for long periods of time. We will meet through a secure online platform to have face to face, real time interaction.

In Home

Virtual Healing Habitat manifesting will provide you with my support and coaching (live in the moment on your phone, tablet, or laptop) as you design your space (according to plans created in the Holistic Feng Shui consultation, or plans you already have), try new positioning of furniture and items, support you with shopping choices, utilize color/texture/elements and symbolism to create a space that feels just right!

Virtual Decluttering and Organizing will provide you with support and coaching throughout your task with me on your phone/tablet/laptop providing input, guidance, and support as you move towards your goals.

Virtual Holistic Feng Shui Consultations will follow the same structure as in person visits, except you will take me on a viratual tour of your home using your phone/tablet/or laptop to show me your different spaces, after we spend more of our time discussing your floor plan together as I share it with you on my screen with the Bagua Map (areas of influence in your life) superimposed.

macbook pro beside white ceramic mug on brown wooden table
macbook pro beside white ceramic mug on brown wooden table
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beige puppy lying on brown textile
In Home Services Available
Virtual Services Available

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