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(I am a Certified Holistic Feng Shui Consultant, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), & Provisional Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (PSEP))

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I'm glad our paths are crossing and I trust you found me for a reason!

Since I was little I have always delighted in making my space reflect who I am and nurture the parts of me that I want to enhance. I wrote my college application essay about how the way I decorated my room expressed all aspects of who I am. I find such joy in creating a beautiful and inspiring space, and feel cleansed by letting go of what no longer serves me. I feel excited to help you do the same!

When I found Holistic Feng Shui, I was astonished by the power of altering the chi (vital energy) in my space, through decluttering, and the intentional act of moving, changing, adding, or subtracting elements, with a specific intention in mind. Suddenly parts of my life that had been stuck started to flow. New insights and energy began to emerge. While it wasn't always easy, and required some big changes that went with a lot of emotions, I could feel my life changing for the better, and becoming more authentic and supportive of my highest good. I knew that this inspiring work is my calling, and feel energized to support you in manifesting the changes in your space that will enhance your life in such meaningful ways!

My other career has been working as a somatic psychotherapist (since 2014), and my training and experience has honed my ability to help client's tap into their intuition, wisdom, and felt sense, which can be invaluable when navigating making changes in your home. Feng Shui works best when we are in harmony with your intuition, so we will work together to discover your inner knowing. I also have a profound trust that you are the expert when it comes to you. I am here to support you and offer ideas and perspectives, but am committed to listening to, respecting, and cheerleading, what you want and what feels right for you!

I live in Milwaukie, Oregon, in a home with my partner and our 2 cats, Karma and Cleo.


  • Certified Holistic Feng Shui Consultant

  • Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon

  • Provisional Somatic Experiencing┬« Practitioner Certification (PSEP) (3 year, 200+ hours of training)

  • M.A. in Somatic Counseling Psychology, from Naropa University in Boulder, CO

  • B.A. in Comparative Religion from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY

  • Trained yoga teacher through Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico.

Related Experience:

I have lived and worked at several retreat centers, studying somatic, psychic, shamanic, and somatic practices, including Omega Institute (NY), Esalen Institute (CA), Hollyhock Retreat Center (Canada), Earthdance (MA), & Breitenbush Hotsprings (OR).

I have studied Eastern spiritual traditions while living and working at Sivananda Ashram (CA & India) and Land of Medicine Buddha (CA), and participated in a 10-Day Vipassana Silent Meditation.

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Services are not available at the current time (Summer 2023). Check back here to see when they open up again.