Organization: Ease Your Mind

turned on flat screen monitor white wooden desk
turned on flat screen monitor white wooden desk

Once decluttering has happened (with my assistance or on your own), it can still be overwhelming and confusing to approach storing our belongings in ways that most support our needs.

Together we will create systems of organization tailored to you so that:

  • everything has a home

  • efficiency is optimized

  • ease is prioritized

  • your unique needs are accommodated

  • items are stored in visually pleasing ways that increase flow and serenity

It can be helpful to find what you're organizing style is, so we can tailor a system that works for you. Check out this quiz at Clutterbug™ to find your style.

You may want things to be organized more out in the open so you can see what you have (visual abundance), or you might want things to be put away in cabinets, baskets, and drawers (visual simplicity). You may work better with quick solutions, like tossing things into a bin or putting it on a hook, or you might be someone who takes the time to put something away in a bin with a lid, a drawer, or a categorized filing system.

We will discuss your needs in the Free 20 Minute Consultation, and you can purchase containers and organizing solutions if needed before we meet.

If you would like me to research and recommend products that will uniquely work for your space before or after we meet, I charge a research fee of $50-$100 (depending on the scope of the project), which is not included in the in-home session cost. There is no extra fee for basic organizing solutions suggestions (like baskets, file holders, drawer organizers, and bins).

Often your storage solution needs become clear after we begin, so we can meet again to complete the task or make a clear plan together and you can complete it on your own.

If you have challenges with mobility or physical labor for any reason, I am happy for you to point and direct me to place and organize your belongings.

Once organization is achieved, it is easy to maintain (as everything has an accessible home that makes sense with usage and lifestyle).

Allow me to assist you in creating organizational systems that uniquely adapt to your lifestyle!

What I Bring:

  • Label maker, labels, tape

  • Garbage bags, sorting boxes and bags

  • A few basic organizing solutions like drawer dividers (for a small fee) and basket labels

  • Basic office supplies for organization and tools for hanging pictures and light assembly of items

What I Do Not Offer:

  • House cleaning services

  • Handy Woman expert assembly or installation of products (I recommend you contact a handyperson on Task Rabbit)

  • Unless previously agreed upon: containers, boxes, storage bins or other supplies

  • Disposal services (apart from taking donations to be delivered for $40/car trip donations and $50/car trip electronics recycling)


Hourly Rate $100

(2 hour in home minimum): $200

3 hour session: $285 ($15 discount)

5 hour session: $475 ($25 discount)

Custom Product Recommendation Research Fee: $50-$100 (depending on scope of project)

$40/car trip donation drop off; $50/car trip electronics recycling

$50 Hazardous Waste removal (must be contained)


15 Hour package: $1425 ($75 discount)

(with 2, 3, or 5 hour session options)

30 Hour package: $2900 ($100 discount)

(with 2, 3, or 5 hour session options)

Hourly Rate $90

1 hour session: $90

2 hour session: $180


6 hour package: $515 ($25 discount)

(with 1 or 2 hour session options)

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