QUICK Feng Shui: Fast & Affordable Jumpstart

How It Works:

  • You send me your floor plan (see instructions below), and a few focus areas/intentions you want support with

  • I apply the Feng Shui Bagua Map to your space to map out the areas of your life as they relate to your home (Career, Travel & Helpful People, Children & Creativity & Completion, Relationships, Health, Fame, Knowledge & Spirituality, Family & New Beginnings, & Wealth)

  • I send you your floor plan with the Bagua Map overlaid on it, along with several potent adjustments to get chi flowing in the direction of your goals

  • I will offer adjustments specific to your goals and the layout of your space, so you can make immediate adjustments and feel fast results

  • I will let you know how to address any missing areas or extensions (that can happen with irregular shaped floor plans)

Would you like several potent adjustments to help your home manifest your goals?

Do you have a tricky, irregular floor plan, and would benefit from a Certified Feng Shui Consultant laying out the Bagua Map?
When chi moves in new ways and the energy of a space is rebalanced or enhanced, new possibilities in your life and your perspective begin to emerge:
  • Clarity arrives

  • Energy becomes unstuck

  • New opportunities, abundance, and vitality flow into your life

  • Change and growth can more readily occur

Making feng shui adjustments is a powerful action that manifests your intentions in a tangible way and puts that energy clearly out into the world and into your life.

You may be surprised at how impactful making a few adjustments to your space can be to your life!

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What Aspects of Your Life Need a Boost?

  • Wealth

  • Love & Relationships

  • Career

  • Health

  • Family

  • Travel

  • Attracting Support

  • Knowledge and Learning

  • Spirituality

white and brown fireworks in the sky
white and brown fireworks in the sky

Hand Drawn Floor Plan Instructions

  • Draw by hand a floor plan of your house/space. It's important that you draw it by hand as the Holistic Feng Shui intuitive process is already beginning, as you relate to your space in this way.

  • Create one complete drawing on one page for each floor (see examples) with all the rooms on that floor included on one page, and a separate page/drawing for each floor.

  • Please do a page for your basement and a separate page for your attic as well if they are on separate floors

  • You do not have to do an exact rendering or measure the square footage or dimensions. Try to be accurate, but it's more important that you draw the way the house/space looks and feels to you.

  • Indicate furniture, such as beds, desks, sofas, armchairs, side tables, pianos, TVs, sinks, toilets, bathtub/shower, stove, fridge etc.

  • Indicate the main structural entrance to the home/space and also which one you typically use to enter. Indicate the entrance to each floor as well.

  • Indicate closets, stairs, fireplaces, along with doors and windows.

  • Label each room and who sleeps and works where.

  • Include around the house/space any patios, porches, detached garages, & outdoor furniture

Floor Plan Examples

(You do not need to include exact measurements, square footage, or dimensions in your drawing)


QUICK FENG SHUI: $125 : (You provide me with your floor plan and photos of your space, answer some brief questions about your goals, and I place the Bagua Map on your plan and send that to you with a few immediate adjustments you can make to manifest change)