Somatic Psychotherapy Processing Session: Go Deeper

pink and white lotus flower
pink and white lotus flower

As we work together on your space, issues can arise that would benefit from more attention and therapeutic processing. As a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon, I can help you address those issues through a virtual somatic psychotherapy session.

[This service is only available to Oregon residents or to those whose state of residence approves out of state licensed psychotherapists to practice in their state. I only offer virtual therapy via video or phone sessions at this time.]

Together we can:

  • shine the light of awareness on what is important for you

  • support your intuitive wisdom to emerge

  • allow for emotional expression to flow

  • address blocks and see what is needed to heal/move forward

To engage in a Somatic Psychotherapy Processing Session, you will sign paperwork and enter into a short term confidential psychotherapeutic counseling relationship with me, and I will inform you of your rights as a client. I only offer virtual sessions at this time.

There is a 5 session maximum per client for processing sessions, as I do not offer ongoing psychotherapy. If you still need further support, I will refer you to another practitioner.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic (Body) Psychotherapy treats the whole person, integrating body, mind, emotions, and spirit, enabling you to do deeper more meaningful work in less time with more lasting results. (

In a somatic psychotherapy session, we will talk about your issue, as well as invite right brain awareness, accessing your intuition, felt sense (which can be noticing the qualities, images, memories, sensations, and impulses that accompany emotions or experiences), and possibly interact with parts of yourself (your inner child, or internal managers or protectors etc.). We will use your inner wisdom to access support, healing, clarity, and find a way forward that feels right.


55 min virtual session: Sliding scale $150-$185

I accept Pacific Source insurance for psychotherapy

(5 session maximum per client)